Barbara Reininger

Barbara Reininger

Meet Barbara Reininger

A native New Yorker who has lived in Connecticut, California, Washington, Utah and is currently in Arizona.

Barbara began acting professionally in 2021 but has performed since she was a child in local school productions. She officially caught the acting bug in the 1980s when – after a chance encounter with Bill Murray – she was asked by him to be an extra in “Ghostbusters”.  In between then and now, Barbara got married, raised two kids, and started a cookie bakery while living on Bainbridge Island.  

Barbara is a producer and co-star in “A Wonderful Life” (available on Amazon Prime) and has done numerous commercials.

Inspired by a question from her young children, Barbara wrote (with illustrations by her cousin) the book “Where Does The Itch Go?”

Anything to do with dogs, Barbara loves and would adopt all the dogs available if she could. She’s currently the dog mother to 2 rescue dogs, Ricky Rooney and Woody Woodrow Wilson.

Barbara retired from venture capital in early 2023 after a long career in finance and is enjoying her post-retirement life in Arizona. She takes acting classes with the amazing Lauren Patrice Nadler.